About Us

About Us

Absolute Counselor provides services to individuals who aspire to pursue a career overseas through higher studies and immigration. college persuasive essay topics A team of fully trained professionals and friendly staff promptly responds to clients’ queries.

Absolute Counselor is the only law firm in Pakistan which is registered with Law Society of England and Wales. It is an evident fact that every country’s visas approval is measured through the yardsticks of Immigration Rules and to be precise, it is an Absolute Counselor, educated and trained in Immigration Law, who can understand, apply, and interpret any law for his clients.

Since 2000 our company is run by highly qualified professionals, who have studied and got training from Pakistan, Ireland, and the UK. They themselves got enough opportunity of living and learning from ideas, institutions, and legal system of the UK and Ireland. So they have developed a progressive attitude in thinking and qualitative performance in practice.

CEO Absolute Counselor

LLM (Ireland)

(Solicitor Supreme Court of England and Wales)

He is overall responsible for the working of the organization. After doing his LLB from Pakistan, He went for higher studies and completed his degree from the top University of Ireland i.e. University College Dublin. He qualified as a solicitor from the UK and practiced as a solicitor in London and Dublin for a few years and then returned to Pakistan and established immigration & Study abroad firm in Pakistan. need a paper written now His working experience as a lawyer in different jurisdictions has helped Absolute Counselor to help their clients for achieving their targets of living and studying abroad.